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  • Sherpa Scout Hard Top5
  • Sherpa Scout International5
  • Sherpa Scout mer4
  • Sherpa Light Scout1
  • Description

    The Sherpa Light family of 4x4 tactical and light armoured vehicles is designed to provide light forces (infantry, paratroopers, marines, internal security…) with the best mobility/payload compromise of its category. In addition to its outstanding on and off-road performances, the Sherpa Light is fully air transportable (A400M/C-130), multirole and ready for being up-armoured (ballistic and mine kits). The Sherpa Light has already been adopted by NATO, France and other countries.

    The « Scout », available in unarmoured or armoured variants, is ideally suited for tactical missions such as scouting, patrol, convoy escort and command and liaison. It is able to transport up to 4 or 5 soldiers and a roof mounted weapon system.

  • Characteristics
    GVW Scout 7.9 to 10.4 t
    International Scout 8.2 to 8.6 t

    Payload unarmoured Scout 1.35 to 3.85 t
    International Scout 0.65 to 1.6 t

    GTW Scout 11.2 to 15.4 t
    International Scout11.2 t
    Wheelbase 3.54 m
    Overall length/width/height 5.43/2.35/2.1 m
    Ground clearance (under belly) 0.6 m
    Number of seats 4 or 5
    Internal volume 5.5 + 3.5 m3
    Max. speed 110 km/h
    Max range 1,000 km Internbational 900 km
    Fuel tank capacity 165 l
    Fording 0.75 (1.5 m)
    Vertical obstacle 0.5 m
    Trench 0.9 m
    Slope 60% to 100%
    Side slope 40%
    Air transport A400M, C-130